How to build large inflatable tents?

Release time: 2017-09-01


During the summer vacation, many families will choose to stay away for a family fun; and they will choose to take a camping tent, propped up on the ground can shade rain as a temporary place to live, so how to build a tent? Below outdoor tent manufacturer gives everybody brief introduction.

should be chosen in the hard, flat place to build, do not camp on the banks and dry river bed.

check accessories are complete, if there is missing, should be promptly dealt with. Follow the product manual and learn how to properly open the tent.

The tent is tiled on the ground, and then the nail is nailed on the floor, then the two groups of tent rods are tied together, and the tent and the rod are put into the supporting sleeve of the tent in turn.

Finally, use the windbreak rope to fix the tent and check that there is no big problem to start using. We hope our introduction will help you.